the end of the beginning

well we’ve finally reached finals week. hooray. i was maybe not the most productive i’ve ever been… i started off today by getting out of bed at 11am and attempting to study accounting and stats. i DID devote time to both, however i think more of my time was spent trying to figure out why my stupid laptop hates me and decides to not work half the time. i barely left my room today, or even moved in general, so i legitimately feel like a sloth. there is no end in sight, either, because as soon as these finals end i continue my studies for some dumb exam to take in january. the only thing getting me through this is the prospect of making six figures in like 5 years and making sure noah has a cool house for all his soccer friends to enjoy

kahri’s quote of the day: “do u ever just crave a rotisserie chicken?”

sadness inside out.gif

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