hey whats up hello

Hey y’all reporting live from “studying”. This morning I took my chem final and then right after drank so much caffeine that I could feel my eyes twitch. I took a nap and i am still beyond tired so i bought another coffee and edward yelled at me so my feelings are kinda hurt. I am now pretending like I am studying for my precalc final tomorrow but instead I am typing this but everyone around me thinks that I am being so productive. The group next to me is being so loud so i keep giving them dirty looks. Time for my day recap


  • Chem Final
  • Precalc final tomorrow
  • Being sleepy
  • Being cold all day


  • All the caffeine I assumed
  • the crab rangoons i am going to eat for dinner
  • this coffee i am drinking currently
  • This milano cookie i am snacking on
  • Lying to Teddy and telling him that I am studying but I am really writing this:))

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