so. much. food.

today enters my third straight day of just an absurd volume of food being consumed. it has gone on for TOO LONG now. the holidays have past. it is time to resume the days of munching on snickity snacks throughout the day. popcorn, chocolate, and other such foods. food is very important to me and i have to make sure im putting the right foods in my body at the right time. while today may have seemed about food, my day was not that exciting, all in all. most of it was spent lounging around or being bored while kahri was being social and i was stuck at home. although that didn’t stop her from bullying me for 99% of the day. also, i think another one of my tropical fish is about to die. stay tuned for a story on that…

kahri’s quote of the day: “I just got in deep thoughts about feta cheese”

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