it’s the final countdown

do you know that feeling when you’re sitting there thinking about a bunch of stuff in the future and it feels so far away? that was me a month ago. but now it’s a month later. my exam that i’ve been putting (not enough of my) effort towards is in TWO DAYS and i’m lowkey freaking out. i think i’ll pass but it’s still kinda really stressful. and then in FIVE DAYS i finally get to smile for the first time in 4 weeks so at least i have one thing to look forward to. yay go me.

today i also learned more about myself and about kahri. apparently i didn’t know everything about her wow. so without further ado here’s our list of favorite foods (in no particular order)

Teddy: popcorn, steak, chocolate ice cream, oreos

Kahri: popcorn (copycat), eggs, buffalo chicken, salad, pickles

kahri’s quote of the day: “i want a baby just so I can eat their snacks”

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