another day two more dollars

so I originally wanted to name my post “another say another dollar” but I realized Edward named one of his posts something similar and I didn’t feel like hearing him saying I copied him. but anyways, I spent my entire 40 minute drive home from work trying to remember things to write about and honestly since i’ve been working so much it’s so hard to keep my days apart. I feel like everything is such a blur. I truly can’t wait till my road trip on Monday to a very special place!! ALSO tomorrow is Teddy’s big exam so if you see this post please pray for him with the most amount of luck because he deserves to pass this exam more than anyone. Once you are done prayint it’s time for today’s recap:


Coffee was good

Burrito bowl for chipotle

Took a good nap


I can’t remember anything that happened today so i don’t remember is anything bad happened

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