story time: fish revolution

okay because today was so uninteresting and i have nothing to talk about, i will now tell the story of my pet fish.

now, i want to preface this by saying that this is just my THEORY of what happened. however, i am always right and i am a genius so i am positive that everything i say is 100% correct.

it all began about two years ago. my dad and i had been talking about getting some fish for a little while now. my family had never owned a pet and we thought it could be fun to have some additions to the family. so, one day my dad bought a fish tank and four glofish tetras, which are brightly colored tetra fish.

we had a red, orange, green, and blue fish. they had names (Xavi, Rufus, Hector, Clint) but for simplicity of the story we’ll just refer to them by color. as soon as the four fish were put into a tank together, it became obvious very quickly that the red fish was the alpha fish. he was instantly bigger than the rest and would chase after the other ones. maybe he was just playing, or maybe he was bullying.

the other fish sure seemed to avoid the red fish. and this happened for years. up until about a couple months ago. when the coup took place.

my theory is that the other fish were scared of the red fish and wanted to get rid of him. so one day, the green fish tried to assassinate the red fish by himself, but he was not strong enough. the red fish injured the green fish and the green fish was forced to tell the orange and blue fish about his plan. they agreed to work together and the three fish came together and killed the red fish, hiding his body behind the water filter.

so the red fish was dead! rejoice! but this happiness was only to be felt by the orange and blue fish… the green fish was suffering from his injury from his initial attack. he started to swim kind of lopsided and no longer in straight lines, and it has progressed over the past couple months to swimming in circles or loop-de-loops. the last couple days the other two fish have been ignoring him almost entirely. he seems to be conserving energy because the green fish will just lay near the surface, almost in a dead man’s float, for extended periods of time, before return to doing loop-de-loops below the surface. there is not much time left now for the green fish. i am praying that he will find a better place.

well that’s all for this story. i hope you enjoyed it! i will be sure to have more stories in the future.

kahri’s quote of the day: “instead of a hungry bean I am now a happy bean”

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