long day!

well today felt like an eternity. also it just took me three tries to spell eternity. i need some sleep after i finish this post. today was really long for a few reasons. first, the beginning part of my day was really long because i was so excited to see sum1. like how time moves fast when ur having fun, time moves sooooo slow when ur waiting for that!!

then my day went slow because i had to walk outside a number of times and WOW WHY IS IT SO COLD??? these walks that normally feel so short took absolutely ages. i feel like i aged many years and lost years off my life from the hypothermia i surely got.

lastly, the end of my day has been going slow as i think about tomorrow. my classes start yuck. i have so much to do i feel like. however, tomorrow is also going to be a very special day and SOMEONE better write a good post and say some nice things about a certain somebody. anyways that’s all for today. catch ya on the flippity flip!

kahri’s quote of the day: “like my phalanges were so numb that I thought they could fall off”

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