two months??

Happy hump day!!! Worked for a little bit today. Didn’t do much besides redo the entire men’s sale section but it looks a solid 11/10 now.

Visited an alright person and ate some sushi. They roasted how I used chopsticks even though I use them better. Celebrated two months of this person tolerating me and idk how they do it to be honest. I can hardly tolerate myself for more than 10 minutes. So go them!! But i’ve also tolerated them for 2 months so go me also!! It’s honestly kinda crazy that we are just celebrating two months when i’ve known them for over a year now. Also this person kinda needs to stop thinking about me because they are really starting to copy my lingo and things I do. I could get mushy with this post but that’s for another time;) (p.s this is the second two months post that I have been forced to do)

Today Recap:



2 months

giving them a cupcake


The fact that it felt like ten years for me to drive to them

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