thank you followers!!

THANK YOU to our loyal folks!! edwardandkahri has now reached 20 FOLLOWERS!!! that’s just amazing to us! like i know what you’re thinking, wow that’s not much to be excited about, but each and every one of you is incredible

kahri and i started this blog only two months ago just for funzies. i was hoping it could be a cool hobby to do together because when you don’t live super near to someone it can be hard to do fun things daily! but the point is we started it with really no intentions except to post about the dumb things we do or say (which is pretty often) and also because i think kahri is the funniest person i know and i wanted everyone to see that

i don’t think either of us had any idea that people would actually start to pay attention to our blog and read our dumb stories! i know it puts a smile on my face for every like or new follower i see. because just knowing i made even one person laugh or maybe cheer someone up when they’re having a bad day is all worth it 🙂

now my actual day today was relatively uneventful. the only thing i have to say is i have some serious BEEF with amazon right now. depending on how this all shakes out i will look back on this and laugh, or not be able to look back at all because my mom killed me. but more on that story later…

kahri’s quote of the day: “i’m cold and tired… such a hard life i’m living. oh well I can sleep when i’m dead”

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