super late but still on time

Once again thank u teddy for reminding me to do my post. Every day has felt the same to me to the point where I am constantly confused on what day it is. I have been thinking it was Thursday for the past 3 days now. Anyways my day was very uneventful. Moved out of my dorm then sat in the olive garden parking lot for almost two hours. Ate a whole thing of angel hair pasta. I also just realized I threw a bread stick away which is kinda tragic. I feel like the highlight of every post I have been posting is food, can’t tell if that’s a bad or good thing. Tomorrow should be fun! I have the day off(finally). My brain is kinda dead so time for today’s recap:



Moving out of my dorm

drinking 2 coffees


throwing my breadstick away

having to unload my car in the morning

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