well after being forced to go to my one class today, i actually really enjoyed the rest of my day!!! first i was picked up by some weirdo and got to spend the day with them. she bought me a coffee which i LOVED. then she decided to take me to a shopping mall which i guess was cool. i spent more money that i didn’t need to spend but that’s fine because i got a new sweater AND a trendy new sweatshirt. love that for me

also during shopping i played a steinway piano at the mall and i wanted to buy it but apparently i don’t have $100,000. oh well. someday!!! after that, we drove to sonic so i could get some fried oreos but SOMEONE misread the ad and they don’t start selling them for THREE DAYS. wow. thanks for lying to me

we ended up going to b dubs which was cool i suppose. i love eating out. today was a good day 🙂 moral of the day: TREAT YO SELF

kahri’s quote of the day: “u aren’t gonna find any good quotes, give up”

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