can i drop out of school?

i’m really enjoying life but wow i am so done with school!!! i have literally negative motivation to do any sort of homework and i’m even writing this post to avoid studying and reading dumb textbooks. oh well.

the problem is i am just too happy spending time doing things that aren’t schoolwork. aka getting to spend the entirety of today with my person. it’s just so nice to finally have found someone who is so similar to me. whether we are playing club penguin or i’m beating her at a board game, i just love how compatible we are. it’s just slightly an issue when the only thing i want to do is see her but i have to maintain my dumb grades

anyways there’s not much else to talk about today. i have been tired and hungry all day and once i post this i’ll probably go eat more food. stay real ppl

kahri’s quote of the day: “why is my family psycho and going to breakfast at SEVEN AM”

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