Someone Hire Me pls

Ok rant time…So last week I was asked to do an overnight shift to redo a department at work. Being the great employee I am, I said yes. So this shift was 9:30pm-6:30am. So of course I whip to work and started to get this bad feeling as time started to past and no one I was suppose to work with was showing up. Of course my bad feeling was right and the overnight shift was cancelled and no one told me!!! So not only did I lose an entire shift, but I wasted two hours driving, gas in my car, and my good mood I was gone. Now i can’t wait to lay and play club penguin and roast them all tomorrow when they call to apologize. Kahri clocking out but first today’s recap:




my dumb work

teddy yelling at me on the phone because he said he told me something but never did

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