ice cream for dinner

yeah that title pretty much sums up my day today!! i trudged through the day like a turtle walks on land. everything went sooooo slowwwwww. it literally felt like time was moving backwards during parts of my day. three back to back 75 minute classes is NOT. RECOMMENDED. especially when your day finishes up at 3:15 in the afternoon. i like being done earlier than that. butttttt whatever. c’est la vie.

anyways then someoneeeee came over today. they were being kind of a bully today. ESPECIALLY when they cheated and beat my at the board game that i bought her for christmas. like i lost so fast. I BOUGHT U IT YOU ARENT ALLOWED TO BEAT ME. dumb. evil. whatever at least she was nice enough to drive here so i guess i’ll be grateful or whatever.

my day ended with stress as i’m trying to direct a film and there’s just so much to do. i need to finish up the shot list and along with that finalize the script. after that’s wrapped up i need to move on to the production side. search for locations (and acquire them), advertise for casting and cast roles, get a prop list and acquire all of those… ahhh. crazy

kahri’s quote of the day: “pay attention to class bye”

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