healthy food!

today was quite the day. first off, COLD!!! why did mother nature decide to make it so cold today?? very rude. wheres my global warming @@!!

anyways my day actually wasn’t half bad. i skipped one of my classes oops and instead hung out with my dumbo. i beat her in my game this time HAHA and we listened to sweet tunes and we also made a cvs run and got some real healthy food. i ate at least 15 oreos and a bunch of cheez its. i am the epitome of health.

not really much else to report on. i have been very very very tired. i hope that changes. i’ll sleep in tomorrow (totally not because i’m skipping another class….) which will be beneficial to my HEALTH. wow im using that word a lot. okay enough rambling. bye bye peeps

kahri’s quote of the day: “i just wanna play club peng with my bf”

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