hydrate or diedrate

I thought today was be exciting and fun but once again I was wrong. I worked today and for some reason I was extremely dehydrated, that might be because I was extremely hyper and wouldnt stop talking but besides the point. I also ate a lunchable which was pretty exciting because we all love lunchables. After I got out of work I walked around the mall for a bit. Bought a few things that I cant even wear because it is winter. Also some 12 year old boy came up to me to ask how old I was and I literally just stared at him and walked away. I also saw my old suitemate which was nice because its been over a month since I saw her. Finally I drove home and I ate about 4 cheese sticks and drank a lot of water. All in all was a pretty normal day.

Todays recap:






Surprisingly nothing

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