hump day!

we’ve gotten through another wednesday. another half-a-week has passed and now we’re onto the good part of the week! the next four days i have the opportunity to annoy some loser as much as possible and definitely kidnap her some more. im looking forward to february so far!!!

but today itself was just very bland. i was slightly productive. wednesday mornings are when i do laundry so that is kind of rewarding. after that i basically did homework and studying (and watching man city, of course) and more homework and more studying. not too exciting!!

i also want to mention that i’ve recently began to meditate again. i did it for a few months in 2018 and honestly i can’t stress enough how helpful it was! i genuinely experienced all of the positive side effects that i’d heard about and always slightly doubted. practicing mindfulness is very very very beneficial and as someone who is usually very stressed, i cant emphasize enough how nice it is to be able to draw upon this practice of focusing on your breath and mind and let go of things! so, if you’re still looking for a new years resolution (or have already given one up), i highly encourage meditation. just a few minutes every day, maybe even right before you go to bed, could positively impact your life 🙂

kahri’s quote of the day: “i wanna buy a candle today. marshmallow fireside. i’ve been thinking about it all day”

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