well, this is edward comin at u live… kahri appears to have fallen asleep so i’ll post for her today!! (let’s see if she covers for me tomorrow, or maybe i do 3 days in a row???) either way, today was not super exciting

i’m actually not entirely sure why i said that because i ended up doing a lot more than i thought i would today. i went to my three thursday classes for a today of 4.25 hours, then chilled in my room. i went to dinner at my old dining hall and ran into my friend who lived on my floor last year!! fun. we talked and chilled then i went to spend some quality time playing chess and darts and hung with some more friends. so all in all not a bad day!!

i’m just now realizing that my next post will have to be on saturday if i do every other day…. i might have kahr cover for me on saturday and make her do two days in a row….. we shall see………

kahri’s quote of the day: “maybe i’ll close my eyes for a few. brb”

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