i can’t believe she posted last night

wow. first off, kahri is such a copycat!!! “whoops” ??? that was MY TITLE. anyway because kahri did end up posting for her day, i will in fact make my post today (which is technically three days in a row!!! u owe me one) long story short, today was… a really really really good day. one of my all-time favorite days. ever.

i basically spent the entirety of the day with this dumbo. we got to travel together to staples and petco and looked at hamsters and reptiles and fish and looked at this book that had my future welsh corgi in it! next we got to spend some quality time together which included me beating her (once again) at jaipur. great game. i’m so amazing at it.

after kahri forced me to do some laundry, we got dinner with two of my closest friends and basically went on a double date and ice skated together!!! i’m a terrific skater. and kahri only fell once! after playing some games together we both went our separate ways and i got to smile and look back upon my wonderful wonderful day

kahri’s quote of the day: “sorry I look like a hobo today”

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