!!!!!! i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw that this would be the 100th blog post that we do. it’s been a fun journey so far! i know we both certainly love sharing our dumb, hopefully entertaining (although definitely sometimes boring), lives with y’all. 100 posts ago, this blog was started as a small idea by yours truly, hoping to rekindle a flame between two people with a long history. maybe that story will be shared someday…… perhaps a future storytime……… but for now we can just take in the wonder that is edward and kahri.

anyways!!! my day today was surprisingly good! i tried to be very productive because today is my day with only one class, so i have to make the most of it. i started by doing homework and studying because i have a quiz and an assignment due on wednesday, followed by a midterm on thursday….. yuck. school has certainly turned the knob up this week and decided to put me under some pressure. lucky for me i THRIVE under pressure

today also gave me a chance to do a bunch of stuff i love. play fifa and play piano and meditate (again, super useful) and even do a mini-workout in my dorm. working out for me is tough because, as you fellow readers may remember, i often injure myself while working out. i am trying to build myself back up so i can actually go to the gym again.

i also had lots of good food today, particularly some chocolate cake. mmmmmm. big yum. today was just an all-around GOOD DAY. we love good days. hope everyone had a good day too!!!!!! and a good week! and a good year!!!! happy 100!!!

kahri’s quote of the day: “I went to buy m&ms out of the vending machine and I was like “I hope it doesn’t get stuck” and guess what”

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