I’m such a dumbo

all morning I was praying and praying that I wouldn’t have to go to work because the roads were suppose to be bad. But guess who showed up to work(but 5 minutes late) yes u guessed that right….me. Work was the same long and boring and tiring day. I sprinted out of there so fast. Also I drank my whole coffee on the way to work because I was in traffic forever so I bought another coffee and only took maybe two sips out of it and put it in the fridge and then one of my coworkers ended up knocking the ENTIRE coffee on the floor(tragic). Also today my manager kept quizzing me on capitals of countries because somehow everyone I work with found out how dumb I am when it comes to geography(and everything else but besides the point). The rest of my day was alright. I came home and took a nap, work up, ate a piece of my calzone, and then went back to sleep(i’m so exciting)

Today’s recap:




coffee on the ground

tears on the ground

my body wanting to be on the ground bc is tired

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