lauv – im so tired…

im SO TIRED. and my name isnt even lauv. im just plain exhausted. i wanna go home. not really. thats just a line in the song. im tired. anyways today was a good day!!! i got to hang with my dumbo for basically all day. she kept her bullying to a solid minimum today so i was very impressed. she also helped me find TWO NEW PAIRS OF KHAKIS! that was really exciting because no one ever has my size but SHOUTOUT TO H&M for actually carrying my wack sized pants.

then we went to get sonic and i was so worried they didnt have fried oreos but THANK THE LORD they ended up having them. just poorly advertised. and i ended up being let down lol but still an oreo is an oreo. i don’t think i needed the calories tho. dumbo attempted to play fifa again… its pretty amusing to watch her forget which button is which 80% of the time. luckily shes getting better! i just dont think her 2 hours of playing twice compares to my 2000 hours over the past 6 years. oh well. she’ll get there someday! anyways, happy three months babe ❤

kahri’s quote of the day: “maybe u are the weird looking kid”

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