well today was a usual sunday. it began by watching soccer. but this was A CUP FINAL. man city played chelsea, having beat them 6-0 only 2 weeks earlier, for the League Cup Final. It was much closer this team around… city won on penalties though!!! but there was much DRAMA AND EXCITEMENT when the chelsea manager and the goalkeeper had an argument in the middle of the game. literally a screaming match. while the game was going on. WACK. CTID.

after that I “did homework” (or that’s what I told kahri) and now she’s LECTURING ME ABOUT DOING HOMEWORK… yeah yeah lecture me all you want… this is coming from the girl who dropped out of college. jk she takes online courses. she’s smart. don’t get mad at me babe.

but then i actually saw my babe. she got me cheez-its. i’m gonna try them right now. they’re the “white cheddar grooves” which are supposedly better than the original ones. we’ll see…… UPDATE: they were good. really good. don’t tell kahri i thought so. i don’t like agreeing with her

also shoutout to town of salem. really fun game. play it if you have a web browser!!! which i think you should if you’re reading this….

kahri’s quote of the day: “I don’t like people. they are dumb. and annoying”

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