saturdays are for the boys

(disclaimer: i almost deleted this because Teddy was being mean to me about it) Today felt like honestly at least 2 days. I hate days at work when they are busy because it feels like so many days. But yet I love busy days because it flies by. I got a salad for dinner and the salad guy knows me because I go there so much and he told me all about his family vacation. Also today was the first time I closed in like a million days and I usually don’t like to close because I hate the night time and get super cranky and mean to everyone but surprisingly I didn’t yell at anyone tonight so GO ME! Now I get to lay on my pillow for a couple hours and then wake up again and go back to work bright and early. Honestly idk how I use to go out every weekend last year because i’m literally struggling so much right now to write the post because i’m so exhausted. Freshman year Kahri was a different species. And now kahri is just a grandma. Apparently saturdays are not for the boys in my case.

Today’s recap:


Cheez it’s white cheddar grooves

chips and dips


Closing at work

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