A day of wins

Woke up kinda early this morning I think? maybe not. I don’t remember. Then laid around for a while until dumbo finished their homework and forced me to go over. They made me walk so fast to the point where I got a cramp and thought i was gonna die. Man city won today so that’s egg-citing. Dunkins messed up my coffee today so that’s sad. Also fun fact I got teddy to like coffee so that’s a win for me!! Now i’ve been playing Town of Salem for hours because Teddy for me obsessed and I can’t stop because I keep winning!!! Ok gtg play again because i’m having withdrawals..also let’s pray that work gets cancelled tomorrow because snow!

Today’s Recap:


Teddy sharing his coffee with me

Teddy sharing his cheez its with me


Teddy’s jokes(if u know u know)

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