why am i so bad at thinking of titles

hello hello hello! kahri is bullying me rn saying yOu DoNt HaVe To Do It but I absolutely have to write a blog post. i’m just wicked exhausted rn so this might be a little garbage. either way, let’s get on with it!

my day was pretty uneventful. i had a midterm today so i spent much of the day studying for that. but i kept distracting myself with my phone and google chrome and other things such as dumbo texting me. so i didn’t really study as much as i wanted. however i took the exam and it went well! i should get like at least a good enough grade to appease me for now. it’s not a hard class.

i have a lot coming up though. stress stress stress. exams and projects and life and ahhhh!!! time to get back into meditating. maybe i’ll get a massage. who knows. catch ya on the flippity flip

kahri’s quote of the day: “i don’t suck anymore”

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