what’s a few hundred dollars?

today has been kind of a blah of a day for me too, kahr. i really didn’t do much. did some laundry. did a little studying for a midterm tomorrow. that’s about it. i went to class and that was super unproductive. we literally all argued over one test question that was literally worth two points on a test that’s worth 20% of our grade. pointless.

(anyone catch that pun??? bc i got the question wrong lol)

anyways i’m debating right now about spending a little bit of money… i am considering composing the score for my film. but i need to make it good. so i want to buy some plugins. problem is, THAT IS EXPENSIVE. there are individual piano sounds that are worth $100 alone. one piano plugin. yikes. we shall see how the ol’ lady feels about that spending

kahri’s quote of the day: “she’s a walmart version of me”

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