did somebody say thriving?

so today has been surprisingly productive!!!! i guess when you’re struggling with a big project, the solution is to simply ask a friend who already took the class to help you. go figure. either way, my SUPER FUN pricing project for a level premium insurance involving sensitivity and scenario tests is going SPLENDIDLY. in all seriousness, i kinda enjoy this stuff. luckily its gonna be my career lmao

today was rainy and dumb. the clocks “spring” forward today. so where is my SPRING?? big lame. im sick of wearing pants and my coat. its just another thing for me to complain about kahri loves to whine about how much i complain.

i had some interesting food today. sprinkles pancakes? those were very sweet. jamaican pork was yummy. a green apple! delicious. and sadly no ice cream. i have decided that i am giving up ice cream for lent. that may not seem like much, but i quite honestly eat ice cream on average of once a day. this is gonna be good for me though, as i’ve begun to put on a little weight… time to fight back and get back in shape! new year new teddy

kahri’s quote of the day: “i’m staring at the box of garlic bread. the unopened box that isn’t in the oven yet.”

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