the office finale???

hello hello!

started off this day on a really bright note. throwing up!!! yay!!!

luckily that passed! i’m gucci gang now

i went to one class and skipped the other two. took a nap instead

anyways i then saw MY HONEY!! we have been watching the office and WE ONLY HAVE ONE MORE EPISODE!!! omg s year and a half ago i introduces kahri to the office. she never watched it until i forced her to. ahh true love. anyways we’re like 16 months later and we’re almost done! i’m sure our first official rewatch will go much quicker. this is roughly my 13th run theough soooooo

anyways that’s all folks! stayed tuned for more on us two kids 🙂

kahri’s quote of the day: “awww a year ago today u gave me ur bracket for march madness”

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