don’t be a kahri

no one ever believed me when I say I have the worst luck in the world but let me tell u a little story.

Today I was going to get my winter tires taken off my car. Before I left for some reason I put my wallet that had a car key attached to it on the top of my car. Now because I have a push start car, my car started without the keys physically inside the car. I wasn’t thinking so I just went on my way. I drove about 30 minutes when I realized something wasn’t right. I couldn’t find my wallet ANYWHERE. So me being me I broke down crying and rescheduled my appointment because I couldn’t turn my car off otherwise I would be stuck. So I drove all the way home. Searched every road. Went to both town police and state police and guess what….I got nothing. i hope someone is enjoying some panera on me! So moral of the story don’t be a kahri

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