help! I keep working late everyday which is bad because then i’m tired but then i can’t stop because money keeps calling my name anyways today felt super long I … Continue reading help

because it rains

in case u saw the rain last night or this morning…they were just my tears because i’m TIRED I just took a quick nap but now i’m ready to go … Continue reading because it rains

this is for everyone

i packed messi today in fifa thought i’d share i didn’t do much else i’m studying again idk if i mentioned that i’m ready for idk i’m just done i … Continue reading this is for everyone

Lights out

Today I worked but today was a little different. We lost power at about 8 and didn’t get it back until almost 11. Kinda trash I still had to stay. … Continue reading Lights out


Thanks teddy for the title name:) anyways today I went to an outlet mall. And I did very good at not spending money even though my friends kept trying to … Continue reading NO


This is a late post because my smart self decided to close my eyes at 9pm to “rest” them and I never woke up. I need to stop thinking that … Continue reading whoops

hydrate or diedrate

I thought today was be exciting and fun but once again I was wrong. I worked today and for some reason I was extremely dehydrated, that might be because I … Continue reading hydrate or diedrate

sup dog

Didn’t do much today as usual. Worked which was pretty boring. The most exciting that happened was that one of my tables went to urgent care because her nose was … Continue reading sup dog

super late but still on time

Once again thank u teddy for reminding me to do my post. Every day has felt the same to me to the point where I am constantly confused on what … Continue reading super late but still on time

ding dumb

was this a title for a blog post already?? I don’t remember and i’m in a time crunch to post because I almost forgot(thanks teddy). Today was nothing special. Worked … Continue reading ding dumb