the pats are on i hope they win my dad is yelling my family is mean kahri’s quote of the day: “don’t tell me what to do”

cheeseburger pizza

today is a sad day it’s the last time I will see teddy for a few weeks (insert more crying) also I bought a cheeseburger pizza and then just threw … Continue reading cheeseburger pizza

prom part 2??

kahri and i went to my formal aka prom take 2 this was much better than high school also update we’re officially the cutest couple ever

we are healthy people i swear

i think kahri got me sick again but also i feel like all we post about is that we’re sick all the time i swear we’re not dying stay healthy … Continue reading we are healthy people i swear

i’m a disappointment

so I freaked out because I thought tonight was Teddy’s night to post and he’s sleeping already and so I thought I would have to post for me but it’s … Continue reading i’m a disappointment


help! I keep working late everyday which is bad because then i’m tired but then i can’t stop because money keeps calling my name anyways today felt super long I … Continue reading help

i’m dumb

so today I went to the Panera that just opened in my town I expected it to be a high school reunion that I didn’t want to go to but … Continue reading i’m dumb

salsa con queso

salsa con queso is very good my head hurts I have a freeze pop so fast today that my tongue was numb I was told I was funny multiple times … Continue reading salsa con queso

cookie crisp

today was a really good day I spent the whole day with my sister and we bonded I got way too hyped up on caffeine that I could feel my … Continue reading cookie crisp

because it rains

in case u saw the rain last night or this morning…they were just my tears because i’m TIRED I just took a quick nap but now i’m ready to go … Continue reading because it rains