help! I keep working late everyday which is bad because then i’m tired but then i can’t stop because money keeps calling my name anyways today felt super long I … Continue reading help

this is for everyone

i packed messi today in fifa thought i’d share i didn’t do much else i’m studying again idk if i mentioned that i’m ready for idk i’m just done i … Continue reading this is for everyone

did somebody say thriving?

so today has been surprisingly productive!!!! i guess when you’re struggling with a big project, the solution is to simply ask a friend who already took the class to help … Continue reading did somebody say thriving?

what’s a few hundred dollars?

today has been kind of a blah of a day for me too, kahr. i really didn’t do much. did some laundry. did a little studying for a midterm tomorrow. … Continue reading what’s a few hundred dollars?

help me im being held hostage!!! [NOT CLICKBAIT] [GONE SEXUAL] [HD]

today was another day where i should have been doing homework but ended up being super duper unproductive. oh well!! i got to work on fine-“tuning” my music production skills … Continue reading help me im being held hostage!!! [NOT CLICKBAIT] [GONE SEXUAL] [HD]