help! I keep working late everyday which is bad because then i’m tired but then i can’t stop because money keeps calling my name anyways today felt super long I … Continue reading help

because it rains

in case u saw the rain last night or this morning…they were just my tears because i’m TIRED I just took a quick nap but now i’m ready to go … Continue reading because it rains

this is for everyone

i packed messi today in fifa thought i’d share i didn’t do much else i’m studying again idk if i mentioned that i’m ready for idk i’m just done i … Continue reading this is for everyone

please read this

if you are reading this please like this post because it’s been a while since we got a like. Anyways. today was a very long day. I woke up early … Continue reading please read this

what’s a few hundred dollars?

today has been kind of a blah of a day for me too, kahr. i really didn’t do much. did some laundry. did a little studying for a midterm tomorrow. … Continue reading what’s a few hundred dollars?

help me im being held hostage!!! [NOT CLICKBAIT] [GONE SEXUAL] [HD]

today was another day where i should have been doing homework but ended up being super duper unproductive. oh well!! i got to work on fine-“tuning” my music production skills … Continue reading help me im being held hostage!!! [NOT CLICKBAIT] [GONE SEXUAL] [HD]

sup dog

Didn’t do much today as usual. Worked which was pretty boring. The most exciting that happened was that one of my tables went to urgent care because her nose was … Continue reading sup dog

club penguin rewritten

Today consisted of nothing. Work up early. went to work. ate a wrap. got free ice cream. took a nap. ate pizza and then somehow ended up at UConn(but what’s … Continue reading club penguin rewritten