gushers and pizza rolls

i feel like all i ate today with pizza rolls and gushers. I am so healthy wow i have tomorrow off whoop whoop yay for getting to sleep in (probably … Continue reading gushers and pizza rolls


i’ve eaten so many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the past two weeks and honestly i’m not mad at it i’m very tired rn but I have ZERO effort … Continue reading pb&j


the pats are on i hope they win my dad is yelling my family is mean kahri’s quote of the day: “don’t tell me what to do”

cheeseburger pizza

today is a sad day it’s the last time I will see teddy for a few weeks (insert more crying) also I bought a cheeseburger pizza and then just threw … Continue reading cheeseburger pizza

prom part 2??

kahri and i went to my formal aka prom take 2 this was much better than high school also update we’re officially the cutest couple ever

we are healthy people i swear

i think kahri got me sick again but also i feel like all we post about is that we’re sick all the time i swear we’re not dying stay healthy … Continue reading we are healthy people i swear

i’m a disappointment

so I freaked out because I thought tonight was Teddy’s night to post and he’s sleeping already and so I thought I would have to post for me but it’s … Continue reading i’m a disappointment