help! I keep working late everyday which is bad because then i’m tired but then i can’t stop because money keeps calling my name anyways today felt super long I … Continue reading help

i’m dumb

so today I went to the Panera that just opened in my town I expected it to be a high school reunion that I didn’t want to go to but … Continue reading i’m dumb

salsa con queso

salsa con queso is very good my head hurts I have a freeze pop so fast today that my tongue was numb I was told I was funny multiple times … Continue reading salsa con queso

cookie crisp

today was a really good day I spent the whole day with my sister and we bonded I got way too hyped up on caffeine that I could feel my … Continue reading cookie crisp

because it rains

in case u saw the rain last night or this morning…they were just my tears because i’m TIRED I just took a quick nap but now i’m ready to go … Continue reading because it rains

pizza rolls

Today I worked(of course) Bought some nectarines and was upset because I thought they were peaches because I wanted the peach textures Work an hour late Got to see TEDDY! … Continue reading pizza rolls

I love Teddy

I love Teddy I love Teddy I love Teddy besides he left me on read over 10 min ago but I love Teddy update: I never got his text but … Continue reading I love Teddy

super sad

today was boring I only worked it was almost 90 degrees and I spent the whole day inside working and then tomorrow will also be nice but once again i’ll … Continue reading super sad

this is for everyone

i packed messi today in fifa thought i’d share i didn’t do much else i’m studying again idk if i mentioned that i’m ready for idk i’m just done i … Continue reading this is for everyone


I named this jello because everytime I stand up my legs feel like jello from standing too much. Because of this I keep forcing my sister to get me things(thanks … Continue reading jello

super weird

so it’s almost 10 pm and i’m not tired? that’s so weird and unlike me but I kinda hate it because I have to be awake at 4am tomorrow. Anyways … Continue reading super weird

super sorry

I am really tired I almost fell asleep at work today it felt weird not seeing Teddy after work Thank god I have tomorrow off I get to finally sleep … Continue reading super sorry