friday with the bubble

started with some laundry did nothing for a while went grocery shopping kahri came over!!! ALSO I GOT A JOB OFFER!!!! FORGOT ABOUT THAT!!!! we ate chinese food and helped … Continue reading friday with the bubble


help! I keep working late everyday which is bad because then i’m tired but then i can’t stop because money keeps calling my name anyways today felt super long I … Continue reading help

this is for everyone

i packed messi today in fifa thought i’d share i didn’t do much else i’m studying again idk if i mentioned that i’m ready for idk i’m just done i … Continue reading this is for everyone

packed and ready to go

i’m all set for my journey to the midwest. off to see the wizard. jk. my sister is graduating kindergarten. or college. i can’t remember. she’s basically a kindergartener so … Continue reading packed and ready to go

did today even happen?

honestly i am so lost. today went by in the blink of an eye. i genuinely don’t know what i did today. maybe nothing?? i watched youtube i ate food … Continue reading did today even happen?